6 Money Making Apps In 2020 That Help You Earn Money Daily

Have you considered putting your smartphone browsing to good use besides using it only for shopping? The truth is that there are many money making apps out there that can provide you with a wide variety of incentives, ranging from amazing cash back opportunities and getting paid for participating in online surveys to even earning rewards for exercising. So, that smartphone in your hand can actually help you make money directly through apps. Executing a daily trade with automated crypto trading apps like Bitcoin Trader helps you make money on a daily basis. However, you have to understand that you cannot hope to become a millionaire overnight using these apps; they can only offer you some extra cash when you perform some simple chores.

Popular Money Making Apps That You Can Use:

  1. Ebates: This popular money making app requires you to pay no fees for using it. You can enjoy great cash back on in-store purchases from more than 2500 stores. You are free to use in-store coupons, earn cash back from specific retailers, and scan items for comparing prices. Ebates will even compare the coupons so that you get the best deal. The biggest advantage of this app is that on signing up for it, you get paid after 3 months provided you have earned a minimum of $5.01.
  2. Ibotta: This app is popular for automatic payments. There are no coupons or points involved and only actual cash back features.  You can make use of any of 3 options for making money using ibotta. You can upload receipts to this app if you buy eligible products; you get to link store loyalty cards before shopping to enjoy special offers and you can buy at the eligible stores using this app. The only downside is that you must upload receipts manually and you can choose from about 300 retailers.
  3. Acorns: This money making app is best suited for investors and requires no minimum deposit. You can download this app and link it to your bank account. When you make a purchase, Acorns will round the figure to the nearest amount and invests the spare change automatically into a portfolio spread across more than 7000 stocks. You can invest as low as $5 every day and see it grow. However, the app will charge you a monthly fee but this is justified given that users can enjoy a diversified portfolio, investment support, and automatic rebalancing.
  4. Google Opinion Rewards: This money making app helps you earn a buck daily when you take part in surveys. As a user, you will be notified whenever surveys are available and you do not need to buy anything to start earning money. This app is perfect for opinionated individuals who can now put their smartphone addiction to good use. After downloading this app, you can do short surveys on anything, starting from TV shows to retailers.
  5. Foap: This app lets you earn money by selling videos and images. You have to create a profile, and upload content to it. Whenever a brand or a company buys the photo you get to split the money with Foap. You can get paid through PayPal for work done by you and sold on Foap.
  6. Swagbucks: This app gives you exciting rewards for shopping online, participating in surveys, web surfing, and watching videos. You may redeem the points to enjoy cash back into your PayPal account or get gift cards. Since this app offers more than 7000 gift cards every day, you have endless opportunities to make money.


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